Safety and environment

NAT is committed to operate in accordancee with the highest standards of quality and safety in the marine transportation industry.

The NAT fleet has been built in shipyards with high reputation, and the vessels complies with the requirements of the regulatory agencies. All vessels are environmently friendly ships with double-hull.

The vessels incorporate additional steel in areas subject to high stress, higher coating specifications to minimize corrosion, and high specification equipment and machinery to reduce maintenance and help protect the environment.

Safety of human life and the protection of the environment are primary concerns of the company, and high quality personnel, equipment and procedures are essential to ensure that every NAT voyage is a safe voyage:

  • The use of illegal drugs and alcohol abuse is prohibited aboard the vessel.
  • NAT is committed to providing a safe workplace ashore and afloat, and encourages all employees to identify potentially unsafe conditions or practices and to undertake corrective measures.
  • NAT will encourage personnel to update their knowledge and understanding, and up-grade their qualifications and develop their careers.
  • NAT is committed to protecting and preserving resources, preventing pollution and continually improving management.
  • NAT will always meet applicable shore side and at-sea environmental regulations and requirements including those of the flag administrations, port states and international conventions.
  • NAT will consider environmental issues in all design and development projects.
  • NAT recognizes the need both for effective measures to avoid pollution incidents and for contingency planning to ensure adequate response to pollution incidents.
  • NAT will cooperate with maritime organizations and government, trade and industry associations to achieve highest standards of safety and environmental protection
  • NAT will explore and implement programs that challenge the company to continually improve environmental management and prevention of pollution.